पूरे भारत में कुल्हड़ वाली चाय के स्वाद को फैलाने के लिए चर्चित ब्रांड, चायसुट्टा बार, ने बंगला नव वर्ष ‘पोहेला बोइशाख’ पर चाय

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One of the biggest community vaccination drives in Kolkata by GFC Foundation

Kolkata 14 June 2021: Greenfield City Foundation

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As a mark of solidarity with the medical Covid Warriors of the city, Exide Industries Ltd Managing Director and

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Relief Handed Over To More than 500 families benefitted 

Kolkata: The second wave of the pandemic has already created a toll on

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Encourages children to continue their studies in this testing times

Genius Consultants has always been on the forefront to support underprivileged

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-Anindita Sarkhel

This pandemic was really the worst situation one has been through in the past 100years. A really good initiative has

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150 Oxygen Concentrators and 250 Oxygen Cylinders donated by CREDAI Bengal to Kolkata Municipal Corporation

In the wake of

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As per the test report by an independent lab empanelled with CSIR, Godrej Washing machines can neutralize Covid –

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ইয়াস ও ভরা কোটালে প্লাবিত হয়েছে সুন্দরবন অঞ্চলের হাজার হাজার একর জমি। নষ্ট হয়ে গেছে ফসল। এই পরিস্থিতিতে সুন্দরবনের বিস্তির্ন

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क्या CORONA के लिए बनाई गई वैक्सीन कारगर साबित होगी?