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Real Life Value

Max Life Insurance showcases the belief ‘You Are The Difference’ in its new brand campaign

The campaign urges consumers to embrace their ‘Real Value’ while buying life insurance cover

New Delhi/Kolkata. Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. (“Max Life” / “Company”) today launched its new brand thought that introduces the belief ‘YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE’ in the lives of your loved ones. This new brand thought is in line with Max Life’s focus on encouraging consumers to realize and embrace their ‘Real Life Value’ when buying life insurance. This thought stems from the Company’s value of ‘Customer Obsession’ that means that every business decision be taken with customer at the core.

Culturally, our concept of ‘Self’ is often subsume by a collective unit, be it a family or a team. As part of traditional Indian ethos, we tend to undermine the individual self and give precedence to collective self. Having grown up with quotes like “always be humble”, “cut your coat according to your cloth”, “less is more”, we end undervaluing our own self in every walk of life. While we rejoice in the value our loved ones bring to our life and celebrate even their smallest of achievements, we tend to undermine the value we bring to the lives of our loved ones. This habit of undervaluing ‘Self’ also manifests itself in the sum assured we opt for while buying life insurance and end up buying sub-optimal sum assured which may not be sufficient to support dreams and aspirations of your loved ones in your absence.

Commenting on the brand campaign, Aalok Bhan, Director & Chief Marketing Officer, Max Life said, “People tend to make the mistake of assessing their real value basis only their current financial status, thus often ignoring their future financial potential and underplaying the value of ‘Self’. Through real life events, our campaign will bring alive the value consumers bring to their families. We are confident that these situations will resonate with our target audience and will nudge them to relook at the value of ‘Self’. Max Life has also created an easy to use tool to calculate ‘Real Value’ which takes into consideration current and potential financial contribution assumptions as well as the value of aspirations of the loved ones. We believe that if consumers understand their ‘Real Value’, they will automatically work towards protecting it, to ensure that their family does not have to live a life of compromise in any circumstances.”

The integrated campaign, which goes live on 9thSeptember 2019, iterates that as an individual, it is You, who brings a difference to the lives of your loved ones, both financially and emotionally. Hence, it is the responsibility of every bread earner not to undervalue Self, because, for your family YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE. The advertising film pivots through a series of heartwarming events in the life of the breadwinner to trace the value he holds, albeit unknowingly, in the lives of their loved ones. From uplifting his wife’s hidden aspirations as a yoga teacher by secretly building a website to her surprise, to cheering the loudest for his son who is disheartened to be the second runners-up and his litter gestures of love and support are what make the real difference to his family. The way in the emotional situations, he is their pillar of support, he is the one to fall back on in time of any support including financial needs. The campaign urges the audience to embrace that ‘YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE’ spirit by knowing the ‘Real Value’ of self and thus taking a step towards becoming a constant support to their loved ones.

Adding to the launch of the campaign, Ritu Sharda, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy North said, “Most times, we don’t realize how big a difference we made in the lives of other people. In going about our duties and responsibilities, we tend to undervalue ourselves. Subconsciously, this reflects in the way we take our life insurance. YOU ARE THE DIFFERENCE is a great platform to wake people up to their true value and enable them to take the right decision towards an insurance value that will really make a difference.”

Max Life Insurance has launched the ‘Real Value Tool’ that will help people identify their real value and bridge the gap between Real Value and the current life insurance cover. The Company aims to reach and help 5 million people realize their real value through this ‘Real Value Tool’ in just next two months.

The 360-degree campaign will run across print, television, digital and social media platforms starting September 9th, 2019.

TVC Duration: 60 seconds

Creative Agency: Ogilvy


Production House: Magic Box

Director: Prashant Madan

Media Agency: Madison

About Max Life Insurance (

Max Life Insurance Co. Ltd (“Max Life”/ “Company”), one of the leading life insurers in India, is a joint venture between Max Financial Services Ltd. and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. Ltd. Max Financial Services Ltd. is a part of the Max Group, which is a leading Indian multi-business corporation, while Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance is a member of MS&AD Insurance group, which is amongst the leading insurers in the world. Max Life Insurance has a vision to be the most admired life insurance company by securing the financial future of its customers.

Max Life offers comprehensive protection and long-term savings, through its high-quality multi-channel distribution including agency and third distribution partners. A financially stable company with a strong track record over 19 years, Max Life offers superior investment expertise. The Company has a strong customer-centric approach focused on need-based sales and quality service delivered through its superior human capital.

During the financial year 2018-19, Max Life achieved ‘Gross Written Premium’ of Rs. 14,575 crore and had sum assured in force of Rs. 7,03,972 Crore. As on 31stMarch 2019, the Company had Rs. 62,798 crore of AUM and a share capital including reserves and surplus of Rs. 2,767 crore. The Company has nearly 35 lakh customers serviced by its 12,082 employees and 48,522 agent advisors through 239 offices across the country.