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ILS Hospitals partners with Dozee to provide Covid care in homes and hotels

A complete solution provided by this health-tech startup is helping the hospital in extending care in homes and hotels set up. 65 devices are being utilized in the Home, Hospital and Hotel setup


Kolkata: ILS Hospitals, a multi-speciality hospitals chain has collaborated with Dozee for their hospitals, home and make shift quarantine set up at Hotel Sonnet, Salt Lake in Kolkata. Dozee has provided 65 devices for these setups. With its experience of over 20 years, ILS Hospitals is striving to combat this grave situation with options such as home quarantine and a makeshift hotel set up in addition to the world class hospital offerings.

ILS Hospitals has utilized the shortage of beds to its stride and is providing 14 day complete quarantine solutions in the home and hotel setting. The solution includes remote vitals monitoring, daily video consultation by nurses and doctors, covid19 testing, gloves, sanitizer, digital thermometers, etc. This aims to provide holistic solutions for patients across the spectrum. Dozee plays an integral role by offering remote and contactless health monitoring through tracking respiration, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, stress levels on a daily basis and is helping doctors remotely check on patients’ progress. The AI powered system is also helping in flagging off health deteriorations well in advance. Users and their loved ones can monitor the health on the Dozee app, while doctors and nurses can monitor using Dozee’s patient monitoring dashboard. Remote patient monitoring is reducing medical professionals’ exposure to infection and their workload.

Mr. Debashis Dhar, Group Vice President-BD for ILS Hospitals, said, “We are providing holistic solutions to the residents of Kolkata through our 360 degree offering of hospital, home and hotel quarantine. Dozee has helped us reduce the risk of our doctors and nurses considerably and also continuously monitor the health of patients so as to tap any alarming emergencies. The pandemic has truly helped us join hands with a promising startup like Dozee to enhance our fight against the pandemic.”

Mr. Mudit Dandwate, Co-Founder, Dozee said, “Enabling healthcare at home and in hospitals both reactive and proactively is the need of the hour. Given the pressure on our healthcare infrastructure, ILS Hospitals has taken a wonderful initiative in providing care in homes and hotels. It is heartening to see ILS Hospitals using the latest technology to augment the bed capacity, while ensuring our health workers are able to monitor patients remotely from a safe distance. We are extremely honoured to assist the team at ILS to make world-class/ right in time preventive healthcare available to all.”

Launched in mid-2019, Dozee is available on both and its website. Dozee has also been backed by reputed companies like Qualcomm and Department of Biotechnology – Govt of India–BIRAC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for product development and acceleration. This Bengaluru based healthcare startup is the brainchild of Mr. Mudit Dandwate and Mr. Gaurav Parchani, both IIT alumni.

About Dozee: Dozee, a part of the Turtle Shell Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company registered in India in 2015 based out of Bengaluru – Karnataka. The company was founded by Mudit Dandawate from IIT Mumbai and Gaurav Parchani from IIT Indore. TST is one of the most promising and looked upon Indian health-tech companies which is the first one to launch a contactless health companion under the brand Dozee in India. Dozee uses Ballistocardiography as the underlying technology where a thin sensor sheet is placed below the mattress (any mattress up to 18 inches) of the user to capture the data on micro-vibrations in the human body. This data of micro-vibration is further analyzed using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to create health data about the user. Dozee is used for proactive health monitoring of health for preventive health care, stress management, sleep improvement, and athlete performance management. TST also provided its technology for smart mattresses. Dozee was awarded Best Healthcare Startup at Bioasia 2019 and Best Tech Innovation at Assocham 2019. They have developed their technology in close collaboration with NIMHANS, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiac Sciences.