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Kolkata: If there is one common element in every Indian kitchen, it is surely a spice rack! Spices have been vital to Indian cooking for years now and continue to have their appeal with the spectrum of flavour they add to food. However, most Indian consumers are yet to discover the health benefits of spices that are brought to the table. To educate people about the benefits of natural oils in spices, Tata Sampann brought together Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, new-age celebrity mother Mira Kapoor,  nutritionist Kavita Devgan, and Dr. Manoj Nesari ,Advisor (Ayurveda), Ministry of AYUSH for an online chit-chat session on how spices can help you to #SpiceUpYourHealth.

To provide high-quality spices to its consumers, and to reaffirm the promise of delivering natural goodnessTata Sampann refrains from meddling with the natural oils present in spices, so that they can make their way to every meal and enrich it.

“Tata Sampann does not interfere with the state of natural oils of spices, which is why they’re known to be loaded with wholesome goodness!

That is why the brand, and I, believe in  Sarvagunn Sampann Masale that gives SarvagunnSampann goodness. Personally, I enjoy cooking with  wholesome spices that go beyond taste and make food more wholesome with health!” said brand ambassador Sanjeev Kapoor, the creator of Tata Sampann’s masala recipes. 

To educate consumers on how spices are known to build immunity and its other varied ayurvedic and medicinal benefits, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Mira Rajput Kapoor, Kavita Devgan, and Dr. Manoj Nesari, hosted an interesting masterclass with bloggers, media, and consumers where they shared a wealth of information and expert insights.The interactive session left the audience surprised on the multifaceted health benefits that their humble spice box contains.

“There’s no better time than now to pay attention to your spice rack and revisit some age-old recipes that are known to build immunity,” said nutritionist and author, Kavita Devgan. “For instance, curcumin found in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and is known to support the immune system. Black pepper also has an impressive antioxidant effect that contributes to better immunity. Plus the natural oil and multiple antioxidants present in the spices add to their goodness,” she added.

Mira Kapoor said, “I have always been health-conscious, but with the current pandemic, immunity and health have become more important than ever! My go-to spice for immunity-building is haldi. It is such a versatile ingredient and has been known for its immunity -building properties for centuries - it blends so well in any kadha. I ensure my family has immunity-boosting haldi-kadha daily - I believe it helps spice up our health from within and also the natural oils present in spices further add to their goodness”

Dr. Manoj Nesari, Adviser (Ay) Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. Of India, also added perspective on the ayurvedic importance of spices.

“Medicinal plants commonly used as spices like Ginger, Turmeric, Cinnamon etc. are nature's gift to mankind. They help in digesting food, improving our immunity, in correcting cellular metabolism etc. Institutes under the Ministry of AYUSH as well as under  other Ministries of Govt. of India have done extensive research to generate clinical evidence as well as to identify their mode of action. Many of them also have antiviral activity against a variety of viruses.” he said. “Right use of spices would keep us healthy not only during the pandemic, but would also help us stay fit in all seasons.” the doctor added. 

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