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As we are all aware, in recently concluded Tokyo Olympics 2020, performance of Indian 
Athletes was indeed commendable. The nation registered its best ever performance with the haul of seven medals including a Gold. To recognize their achievements, LIC felicitated the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners in different streams. To encourage the players who reached up to the 4th position, but missed the Bronze medal, they too were felicitated by LIC. Events were organized in the home towns of the players and the Cash Award was handed over to the players by Senior Dignitaries of LIC.
Nothing succeeds like success! After Tokyo Olympics 2020, our performance in recently 
concluded Tokyo Paralympics 2020 was indeed stunning. This is a historic event with India 
registering its best ever performance which will be an inspiration for the future generations. The grit and excellence displayed by our athletes is admirable. The nation registered its best ever performance with a haul of nineteen medals including five Gold, eight Silvers and six Bronzes. 

Honouring the Paralympic winners in a manner similar to honouring the winners of Tokyo 
Olympics encourages all such athletes to excel in their field. LIC honoured not only nineteen 
medalists with cash prize but also felicitated the seven players who occupied 4th position in 
their respective events. Events were organized in the home towns of the players.