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War of designer sneakers

From GUCCI to ARMANI to TOM FORD and BALENCIAGA, luxury sneakers have become an essential element of every man’s wardrobe. Designer sneakers are indeed very popular for men. You can comfortably wear them with a pair of jeans for an elegant casual look or with suit pants for a business casual style. Sneakers offer a level of style, versatility, and comfort that other shoes just can’t match. The high end brand list is endless- ARMANI(GIORGIO ARMANI/ EMPORIO ARMANI), GUCCI,TOM FORD, BALENCIAGA, FENDI, DIOR, DSQUARED, MANALO BLAHNIK, JIMMY CHOO,WALTER STEIGER, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, BRAIN ATWOOD, STUART WEITZMAN, VALENTINO, PAUL SMITH, PHILIPP PLEIN, SALVATORE FERRAGAMO,JASON OF BEVELRY HILLS and CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. Each international luxury brand sneaker sells from a minimum $300(Rs20,000) to $10,000( Rs.7 lakhs) to even the diamond studded $20,00,000( Rs 13.68 crore). The custom duty is charged separately if you want to ship it to India and other countries. Yes, they are super expensive but, you’re receiving a level of attention to details and craftsmanship that mass-market brands can’t deliver.

Nowadays, shoes have become an integral part of a person’s wardrobe as well as a fashion necessity. Made from a variety of materials, shoes can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. But for the uber rich, shoes also serve as an indicator of a person’s social status. And if you own any pair of the shoes listed below, you know you’ve got it made. Exceptionally expensive materials and luxury shoe brands multiplied by hundreds of hours of painstaking hand work make this shoe incredibly expensive.

Although some people may find it ludicrous to spend top dollar on a pair of sneakers, others value the artisan craftsmanship, premium materials and reputable design eye of high-fashion designers. Whether it be the justification of cost-per-wear quality or the flexing rights of striking design, luxury sneakers are quickly becoming the top-selling footwear category in the menswear fashion scene.

The year 2019 has been in great demand for high end luxury designer sneakers. Some sneakers are so much in demand that it is selling for 5-6 times the original price also. These are basically the LIMITED EDITION sneakers. For example the latest all logo EMPORIO ARMANI sneaker is selling at $4800( Rs.3,30,000/-) in Italy, London and Paris which is more than the original price but people still buy it as it’s a LIMITED EDITION collection. The same is for the GUCCI honey bee collection sneakers which is originally priced at $699 (Rs 48,000/-) is selling for $1500( Rs1,00,000/-) and all these are selling like hot cakes even with the high end prices. EMPORIO ARMANI AND GUCCI are the clear winners in the sneaker wars with huge demands among Hollywood actors and corporate bosses.

This sneaker war will continue in the years to come.