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Lakmé celebrates beauty on the onset of the festive season of Durga Puja

The iconic beauty brand hosted the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 Contest at the Mudiali Club on the auspicious day of Durga Protima Unmchan

Kolkata.Lakmé, India’s most iconic beauty brand celebrated beauty and grace this festive season with the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 Beauty Contest. The brand won many hearts and struck an emotional chord with everyone by giving the winners of the pageant a sacred opportunity to Unveil The Beauty of Goddess Durga.

The event was held at the Mudiali Club, a prestigious & long-established (85 years old) pandal in Kolkata. The iconic venue hosted the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 Contest and showcased an evening that was the perfect blend of fashion, beauty and glamour mixed with a touch of ethnicity and culture at its heart.

The panel of judges included the beautiful actress, Raima Sen, former Miss Universe 2010, Ushoshi Sengupta and renowned makeup artist, Aniruddha Chakladhar. Both the ladies embraced the Aparupa Dashami look created by Aniruddha. The gorgeous Ushoshi Sengupta took to the runway while adorning the Dashami look, followed by the winners of the contest flaunting 5 Days of Durga Pujo looks. While the winners had the fortune of Durga Protima Unmchan, veteran elocutionist- Ms. Sutapa Bandyopadhyay- recited shlokas, invoking & awakening the goddess with music that truly stood out.

Raima Sen, Actress and judge of the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 Contest said “Nomoshkar. Shubho Shondhya shobaike. Choto bela theke Durga Pujo maanei to ei paanch ta din Ma er kache nijeke shomorpito kora. Ma er aporup shoundorjo ke onubhob kora. Aar ei onubhub-er modhey diye nije der keo ei pujor din guli te pujo-r shaaj e shajiye tola ! Shobai chaye aparupa hoye uthte! And for several years Lakmé has been helping all of us to look beautiful. Aar aaj to aparupa-der din. Durga Protima unmachan hobe aaj Mudiali te where beauty pagent winners - the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 er winners are getting the rarest of rare opportunity to unveil the beauty of the Goddess. Ei shujog shobai paye na. Maa ke unmochito kora khub-e humbling ekta abhigota...infact eta ekta boro responsibility. Hence I also feel tremendously responsible to be a part of the jury jara beche nebe Lakmé Aparupa 2019 winners der - Lakmé Aparupa Shoshti , Saptami, Ashtami, Nabami, Dashami. I am looking forward to it and a big Thank You to brand Lakmé for giving me this opportunity.”

Ushoshi Sengupta, Miss Universe, showstopper and judge of the Lakmé Aparupa Tumi 2019 contest said, “Good evening everyone! Nomoshkaar. I am honestly overwhelmed aaj ei shondhyaye. Ami amar ei modeling career-e onek baar ramp-e walk korechi, onek upcoming models der groom korechi, nije beauty pagent jitechi - kintu this experience today is divine. When I was meeting the contestants backstage, ami bhabchilam je 5 of them would be unveiling the beauty of the Goddess, Maa Durga r unmochon korbe nijede r haat-e. As a model what a prestigious and rare opportunity that would be for them. I am literally getting goosebumps! Arek ti karon-e ami overwhelmed - I am wearing one of the amazing Pujo looks co-created by Lakme and Anirudhha Chakladar. This opportunity for me is an unparalleled one - to be Lakme Aparupa Nabami!ti karon-e ami overwhelmed - I am wearing one of the amazing Pujo looks co-created by Lakmé and Anirudhha Chakladar. This opportunity for me is an unparalleled one - to be Lakmé Aparupa Nabami! I am also looking forward to join the esteemed jury panel and give my best in selecting the 5 winners for the evening - Lakmé Aparupa Shasthi, Saptami, Ashtami, Nabami and Dashmi. Actually this also makes the beauty contest so unique and fulfilling for the winners - there is no first or second runners up - all of them shall be winners in each look. I am looking forward to every moment of it. Thank You Lakmé for this evening!”

About Lakmé:

Lakmé, is India’s no.1 colour cosmetics and leading premium skincare brand from Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Lakmé has been the pioneer of the make-up and colour cosmetics in India since 1952 by launching numerous trends leading and high-performance products. Combining international cosmetic technology with an in-depth understanding of the Indian woman’s needs, Lakmé offers women a comprehensive beauty experience through its extensive product portfolio as well as contemporary services at Lakmé Salons, India’s no.1 salon chain.