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Saraswati pooja-Goddess of Knowledge

India is land of festivals and deities. Existence is celebrated in form gods and goddesses. 

Knowledge is one aspect of humanity without which we cannot prosper and Goddess Saraswati is worshiped as the giver of knowledge. Basant panchami is the day for worshipping the goddess. Yellow is the Colour of the deity it’s wahan is the white swan which depicts purity. 

It’s a national holiday on this day. Schools r closed for studies but not for the celebration of goddess saraswati. Idol of saraswati is bought from the market and decorated with yellow genda phool and books and all stationeries related to education of students r kept in front of Saraswati maa. 

Students do not study on this day. Infact it’s a day of celebration with sweet yellow rice for food. Many school's provide lunch for all students on this particular day.

Due to COVID 19 this year the celebration was not so huge. Schools and colleges being closed students had to celebrate the festival at home. Gatherings were avoided and children bought their individual goddess from the market and made the festival lively and also their surroun- ding lively and pure. 

Festival celebration is also a way of providing livelihood to the idol makers and the shop keepers selling pooja samagri. But this year everyone sphere from shopkeeper's to idol makers were disappointed as customers were less. 

But the mother of the houses tried their best by making the festival lively by cooking beat of food, buying idols of Saraswati and celebrating the festival as done every year and bringing smiles on the face of every member of the family.

Courtesy:Google News Initiative's Journalism Emergency Relief Fund (JERF)