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The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta 

An unique initiative of Starmark

Kolkata’s leading bookstore chain Starmark, in association with Niyogi Books, held a discussion between architect Anjan Mitra and architectural historian, photographer andauthor Joanne Taylor on her books ‘The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta’, ‘The Great Houses of Kolkata’ and ‘The Churches of India’ at its South City Mall outlet here today.

About Joanne Taylor

 Joanne Taylor was born and educated in Sydney. She studied Indian history at the University of Sydney and has written a thesis for the University of New South Wales, The Great Houses of Calcutta, 1750 - 2006. Joanne’s first visit to India in 1971 left an indelible impression on her. An accomplished writer and photographer, Joanne has since travelled widely across India, particularly in Kolkata and Bengal. Her award winning book, The Forgotten Palaces of Calcutta published in 2006 (Niyogi Books) ignited an interest in the heritage importance of north Kolkata’s unique mansions resulting in a push for conservation. Taylor’s The Great Houses of Calcutta, Their Antecedents, Precedents, Splendour and Portents, published by Niyogi Books in 2016, is co-authored by the highly respected Emeritus Professor Jon Lang. By bringing in Taylor’s first hand experiences and research in Kolkata and Lang’s knowledge of the broader context of architectural history, it is a more definitive work on the subject. The Churches of India was Taylor’s third in the series.

About Anjan Mitra

A Bachelor in Architecture, Anjan Mitra has been involved with architecture and urban development as a researcher, a practitioner and an activist. An award-winning architect and a conservationist, he advocates for sustainable design. He is involved in various research studies involving urban development, urban economics, conservation and cultural issues