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Kiara’s ‘Super’ Skin Regime

As the rain pours outside our windows, making plans to go out becomes more and more difficult…and when we do, it is essential to maintain a good skincare routine to ensure that all the impurities from the weather do not ruin your skin. But this isn’t true just for the rainy weather… We need a good all-season skincare regime and who better to share her ‘Super’ Skincare regime than the latest Bollywood sweetheart, a powerhouse performer and Pond’s Brand Ambassador, Kiara Advani.
Cleansing: “I’ve always been fond of the rains but it’s no doubt that most of us tend to underestimate the effect of weather on our skin. Our pores are more prone to catching dirt from the air which is why I always ensure that I cleanse my face with a good facewash. When I’m outdoors and don’t have access to water, I carry a set of gentle skin wipes to help me out”
Moisturizing: “I’ve been using Pond’s from a very young age and swear by their products. Recently I started using the new ‘Pond’s Super Light Gel’ and I love it! It’s enriching, really light (with a special formula) with Vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid and I use it both day and night after thoroughly washing my facet the gel formula ensures that the product sits lightly on my face and is moisturizing enough to last the whole day. It’s perfect for tucking in my purse and carrying it around, it’s my favorite travel buddy!
Hydrating: “Skincare doesn’t just stop there. I also ensure that I’m constantly having enough fluids and the right food. Along with your skin, your body also needs a good amount of water intake, around 3 liters a day. I know it’s a cliché but it’s something that a lot of us still skip especially people who live in cooler climates.
I start my day with a glass of warm water and lime and then have vegetable juices through the day which keeps me refreshed and glowing. “Here are my 3 basic and essential steps for flawless and glowing skin! A ‘Super’ Easy Skincare