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The 3rd Annual Exhibition Of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography Inaugurated By Maestros Padmashree Raghu Rai & Rafique Sayed And Former Miss Universe India, Ms Ushoshi Sengupta

·        Exhibition Showcases 76 Contemporary Photos Taken By The Students of the Institute

·        Upcoming Talent, Avani Rai’s 12 Photographs Are Being Exhibited For The First Time In Kolkata

·       Concluding Session To Have A Talk Show On ‘Creative Thinking In Contemporary Photography’ by Raghu Rai & Acclaimed Photographer Rohit Vohra

 Kolkata. The 3rd Annual Exhibition of Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography (CSCP) was inaugurated at Birla Academy of Art & Culture today by magnum photographer Padmashree Mr Raghu Rai, renowned fashion photographer Mr Rafique Sayed, former Miss Universe India Ms Ushoshi Sengupta in the presence of internationally acclaimed photographer Mr Sounak Banerjee, Founder & Director, Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography. The exhibition will be on till Sunday, 15th March, 2020.

The exhibition features some captivating photos taken by the students of the Institute. Also on display are photographs of upcoming talent, Ms Avani Rai, for the first time in Kolkata. The exhibition will conclude on Sunday, 15th March, 2020 with an intriguing talk by Mr Raghu Rai & Mr Rohit Vohra on ‘Creative Thinking In Contemporary Street Photography’ and an Open Forum with the students. This will be followed by the CSCP Photography Award ceremony that has been judged by world famous photographers, Ms Julia Coddington from Australia and Mr Rohit Vohra.

 “Each year, we at Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography, observe our anniversary with the most meaningful and befitting intent: the evolution of students of the past year. Hence was born the idea of hosting an exhibition to showcase the students’ works. This is a major platform and an opportunity for them to display their talents to the world, which serves as a huge confidence booster. This encourages them, invigorates them and raises their thirst to do better and work harder. We also promote an upcoming talent each year by having a separate section for them. We have also instituted an awards ceremony of CSCP Street Photography contest which also helps them bring out the best in them”, said Mr Sounak Banerjee, Founder & Director, Calcutta School Of Contemporary Photography.

 A Total of 88 Contemporary Photos are being exhibited of which there are 40 singles in Black & White, 36 photos in 6 Series on various subjects along with 12 pictures of Avani Rai on the theme “Bhopal - An Ongoing Tragedy”.

Participating students this year are Aditya Heda, Amrita B. Gupta, Apurba Sarkar, Arpan Dutta Chowdhury, Ashmita Dey, Avik Pal, Barun Sarkar, Bidisha Deb, Chinmoy Sinha, Dwaipayan Mahalder, Javed Ahmed, Jhuma Bala, Madan Mohan Das, Nilava Banerjee, Nilay Pandey, Rritam Mitra, Rohan Barik, Saikat Saha, Sandeep Kumar Mohanty, Snehomoy Chatterjee, Sourav Mondal, Subhajyoti Mondol, Sumanto Kallol Ghosh, Swarup Dutta, Trishit Dey & Tushti Dutta.

The exhibition will be on from 3 pm - 8 pm till 15th March, 2020 at Birla Academy of Art & Culture.

CSCP offers 3 short term certificate courses on Standard Photography, Fashion Photography and Photo Editing. From this year CSCP is introducing a one year Diploma Course which is designed to engage the students in a complete end to end professional training with a thorough portfolio development, enabling them to prepare for a rewarding career. The certificate to be awarded will be attested internationally from APAM, Malaysia and by Federation of Indian Photography, the largest photography body in India.

About Mr Sounak Banerjee, Founder & Director, CSCP:

Sounak Banerjee is a Contemporary Photographer from Calcutta, India. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of Art and Photography. His prime area of interest is Contemporary Streets. He is also an ardent lover of people-oriented Travel Photography. Apart from outdoor, he also specializes in Still Life and Fashion Photography. Continuous creative upgrade has been the most dominant principle of his works. He is known for his variety and diversity in this field. Never sticking to one style, continuously changing and experimenting. Mr. Banerjee has won over 700 awards in various National and International Photography Competitions from over 65 countries across the globe. Many of his works have been exhibited in distinguished Art Galleries across the world, in more than 70 countries. He is a member of the Photographic Society of America and the Federation of Indian Photography.

About Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography (CSCP):

Calcutta School of Contemporary Photography (CSCP) was founded by internationally acclaimed photographer, Mr Sounak Banerjee. It boasts a committed and high - achieving student body. It was founded with a view to realize the potentials present in these hidden talents by a professional and object-oriented training, and to provide knowhow into gaining international exposure. In the last three years, CSCP has trained more than 350 photographers, and its primary focus has been on the core development of its students and providing them with the required exposures. CSCP has produced many award winning artists in record time, and is critically acclaimed for its quality of work. CSCP is much renowned for its class and accomplishments. CSCP is affiliated with the prestigious photography organisation, "Association of Photographic Artists, Malaysia" and Federation of Indian Photography, the biggest photography body in India.