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Chowman Celebrates Friendship Day with a Surprise!

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, friendships have become more important than ever. We rely on our friendships to get us through the day, be it through video calling, phone calls or simple text messages. So, this Friendship Day, Chowman has the perfect way for you to celebrate with your best buddy!

Order from Chowman’s Special Friendship Day Menu and we will get it delivered to your friend's doorstep for them to enjoy! And, all orders placed on the Chowman App receive a special gift from us!

For Vegetarians we have:

Veg. Fried Wontons in starters

Veg. Shanghai Noodles or Rice with Asian Greens,

Exotic Veg. in Chilli Basil Sauce or Devil's Veg.

For Non-Vegetarians, there are:

Fried Chicken Wontons

Chicken Shanghai Noodles or Coriander Burnt Garlic and Egg Fried Rice

Oyster Chicken with Vegetables or Kung Pao Chicken.

The Veg. Meal for Two is priced at Rs.669 and The Non-Veg. Meal for Two is priced at Rs.689.

It is available only for home delivery on all online ordering platforms.

Timing – 12 noon – 10:30 pm

About Chowman Chain of Restaurants:

With a strong presence in Kolkata, and a recent introduction to Bangalore, Chowman Chain of Restaurants has successfully become a household name. It was set up exclusively to give each visitor a fine dining experience. The ambience is created with personally handpicked decor from the markets of Hong Kong and Thailand. From the moment you enter the restaurant, the world-class experience begins with hand crafted sculptures, exquisitely carved walls by expert craftsmen, warm lighting with elegant red and black interiors. Apart from the interiors and the lavish spread, special attention has been given to the hospitality. Combining contemporary elegance with an intimate ambience and an unparalleled service, Chowman presents the hallmark of true and authentic Chinese cuisine.

Chowman has successfully opened 14 outlets in and around Kolkata with 2 more ready to open in the next few months. In its 10th year of service, the Kolkata-based chain of restaurants has put its plan of foraying into other major cities into action, starting with Bangalore.

Besides adding more outlets in Bangaluru, Chowman will soon also set up shop in other metro cities like Delhi,Mumbai and Pune to give the locals a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine.