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“Dial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor”

DiaDial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor” - a book by Asish Basak is to be released on 13th January eve at Central Calcutta Hall by representative members of all communities.

In the times of NRC and CAA, “Dial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor” is more of an introspection by the author, who is striving to put forth a fine balance, set precariously in view of the ongoing upheaval and fractious current scenario in our country.

The tremors were already there ever since the Muslims came hurtling down to Indian sub-continent @ 640 AD from the Arabian peninsula and western coastlands with sword on one hand and Qur’an on the other.

As Islam spread through fire and ice, through persuasion, coercion and castigation, peace-loving Hindus were swept in the tornado that blasted through the northern highlands, across Deccan plateau and spilled over the western and southern alluvial plains of India.

The tectonic movement that has started since 640 AD has always been a persistent threat to fissure India along the lines of religious division, traditional fall-outs and customary differences but in the midst of this onslaught of time-wrought changes, what has lingered on is the Common Man’s intent to live on, his intense desire and will to survive.

The land of India does not belong to ‘Rama’ or ‘Rahim’; it belongs to ‘Ramu bhai’ or ‘Rahman chacha’- thequintessential COMMON MAN, the biggest and brightest of all the 'M'-Factors.

And, in this acceptance of reality, there is hope yet for India for its wonderful capacity to renew and to imbibe new contemporary influences, and yet to maintain tradition and continuity, celebrating the cultural heritage and immense artistic wealth of the folklore.

But of course, ‘M-Factor’ in today's India is indeed becoming an enigma, each letter a condition, the hyphen - a hurdle.

“Dial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor” brings forth the trials and tribulations faced by millions of Muslims residing in India, considered the majority of the ‘Minority Sector’ in the secularist federal democratic state of India.

The book also speaks about the role of another hugely significant ‘M’-Factor- the Media, considered as the Fourth Estate of the country.

The attempt of decoding of ‘M’-Factor also spills over the spiraling effects of De-Monetisation.

Keeping in view the ongoing social surge on NRC and CAA, “Dial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor” by Asish Basak also touches upon the current ‘Mammoths’ – 'M'- Modi (Hon. PM of India – Shri Narendra Modi) and 'M'- Mamata (Hon. CM of West Bengal - Ms. Mamata Banerjee).

This is the 7th book by Asish Basak who is a multi-talented personality.
Asish Basak is a B.E. (Civil) & Bsc. by academics, a film-maker, actor and stage performer by passion, a journalist & PR Consultant by profession and a writer by choice. He has written 7 books, made 3 feature films and several albums, documentaries and short films.
Asish Basak is the Editor-Director of 'Hello Kolkata' (3D News, Events and Films).
He will soon make a docu-film on this new book - “Dial ‘M’ for ‘M’-Factor”.