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Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park Celebrates 52nd Year by replicating Mahishasura as Coronashura

This year Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park is celebrating 52nd year which was inaugurated today by Brahmachari Mural Bhai, General Secretary, Dakshineshwar Ramakrishna Adyapeath alongwith the presence of various eminent personalities like: Smt. Smita Bakshi, MLA; Sri. Sanjay Bakshi, Ex MLA; Smt. Rehana Khatun, Councillor & many other eminent personalities.
Speaking to the media, Mr. Surendra Kr. Sharma, General Secretary of Md. Ali Park Durga Puja said, “During the pandemic everyone is hoping and waiting for the Goddess Durga to eradicate Corona Demon as she had killed Mahishasura. Depicting the same this year we had replicated Mahishasura as Coronashura. Artisan Kush Bera along with his two children started working on this idol since June'20. The 12 feet long idol is made and decorated only with clay. No other decorative pieces are used for this idol. He had pricked pins on Mahishaura and covered it with clay so that the transformation comes. Just like every single person we also thinks that Ma Durga eradicates the deadly virus and also hopes that this idol gets recognition across the state.”
Mohammed Ali Park stunned the city last year with its Murugan Temple of Kerala. Interestingly, the Puja started in the year 1969 from Tara Chand Dutta Street, but owing to its ascending popularity, it was moved to Md. Ali Park. But from previous year, the Puja is moving its venue yet again for safety concerns and will be held at the Central Avenue Fire Station. Last year, there was a subsidence and cracks developed in the walls of an underground British-era reservoir. After inspection by civic officials, fire personnel and experts from Jadavpur University, it was decided to shift the Puja for safety reasons. After the wall collapsed, the KMC shut down the park for visitors.
Year of Initiation: 1969
Artist: Prasanta Pal
Idol Maker: Kush Bera

About Youth Association of Md. Ali Park : One of the most popular Durga Pujas of Central Kolkata that one must visit is the Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja that is held every year and showcases magnificent architecture. The Mohammad Ali Park Durga Puja Samity has won several awards in different categories and hence it is also considered as one of the prestigious Durga Puja in Kolkata which is organized by the Youth Association established in 1969. This is one of the most prestigious clubs of North & Central Kolkata.