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SPCkraft To Premiere “From Playground To The Computer” A Documentary On Covid And Education

Kolkata, 10th July, 2021: The pandemic has impacted the way we work, interact and learn with social distancing forcing a more virtual existence, both professionally and personally. But among the most affected are the children: their education and leisure activities have been disrupted.

To highlight their plight, SPCkraft, an inter- disciplinary art collective,led by artist Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee will webcast the premiere show of the documentary film, “From The Playground To Computer", on 15th July, 2021 on SPCkraft’s Facebook Page.

Children are all about spontaneity! They yearn for the human touch of their friends during playtime and in school. But the pandemic has meant this most-essential facet of a child’s life has gone missing for over a year now. Today, the medium for a child’s daily education and interaction with friends is virtual. It’s a ‘new normal’.

As children cope with this ‘new normal’, one positive takeaway is that they are now more cyber savvy than their seniors ever were at the same age. Besides studies, they are getting involved in online creative activities such as drama competitions and storytelling sessions, ways to combat the isolation that the pandemic has brought in everyone’s life.

“From The Playground To Computer” aims to showcase the turmoil of children through contributions from vocalists Lopamudra Mitra and Neepabithi Ghosh DasguptaAnimesh Debroy (State President, NIFAA), Sumanta Sarkar (Chief Functionary & Founder, Urotaar), Rekha Krishnan (Head, Vasant Valley School, Delhi), Brinda Sen (Ex Associate Professor, Victoria Institution) and others.

“The pandemic has paralysed the education system at one hand and on the other, it has also made us look within. The documentation aims to look inwards”, said Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee.

Participating members of SPCkraft in the virtual presentation are Parbati Bhattacharya, who has directed this documentary, Pritha Biswas Saha, Sayani Roy, Sanchita Tapadar, Sampa Das, Protyusha Dey and Shweta Dey. The script has been written by the members while Atanu Burman and Monoreena Majumder poetries were featured.

About SPCkraft

Conceptualised and led by performing and interdisciplinary artist Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, SPCkraft is an interdisciplinary art collective in the city. SPCkraft aims to welcome and curate art and performances that breaks the conventional mode and urges one to think out of the box. It has curated productions like Aji E Boshonte, Taar Onto Nei, Footprints, Frozen and 32 Ashwini Dutta Road, an immersive art theatre, held in a house. Keeping in mind the pandemic situation, the collective is curating several online programs on crucial causes and serenading eminent artists from different genres.