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Kolkata Centre for Creativity celebrated World Dance Day with “Artists’ Jam” curated by Dance Bridges

I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of man- the landscape of his soul”

-Martha Graham

Kolkata. While the country is struggling to cope with pandemic induced stress, it has become necessary for everyone to to stay indoors and stay safe. To raise the spirits amidst the pandemic gloom,  KCC HUB by Kolkata Centre for Creativity organized ‘Artists' Jam’ on 29th April, an interactive session curated by “Dance Bridges” that brought together dancers by invitation only  from both traditional & contemporary disciplines through a closed-door hybrid event.  .

 The session featured musician Debjit Mahalanobis followed by a discussion with participants to reflect on their recent challenges and innovations during this unprecedented time. While the dancers individually explored their distinctive styles through free-flowing movements and energy, the acts blended into a synchronized performance as a whole. A very interesting activity in this jam was the mind board. The dancers, during the discussion, suggested words that came to their mind in an instant, related to the pandemic, solidarity among the masses and performing arts.  They exchanged ideas on how their practice has been shaped in the past year concerning a shift in global trends, artistic challenges, creative innovations and felt the affective presence of each other in the present scenario through this hybrid format where bonding at a distance is the only way of survival.

 Dance is one such exercise that has gained popularity among health workers, public officials and the common people as a form of expression that instils self-confidence and self-belief in people in the present scenario. Similarly, this jam was intended to induce a sense of enjoyment among the performers who have long been distanced from their audience and performance spaces.

About Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC)

Kolkata Centre for Creativity (KCC) is a multi-disciplinary interactive art and creativity Centre located in Kolkata, West Bengal. It is the first in Eastern India to make Art accessible to the visually impaired and differently-abled under their ‘Art for All’ initiative. Spearheaded by Richa Agarwal as its Chairperson, the 70,000 sq. ft. Centre champions the art and cultural landscape of contemporary India since November 2018. It comprises an Amphitheater, Exhibition & Learning Spaces, Dance studio, Conservation Lab, Books & Materials Library, Creative Culinary space, Craft & Design outlet and a Skill Development Maker’s section. Integrating several expressions of art and design to highlight their common creative core – KCC encourages visitors to explore, interact and design ideas on various art forms. KCC works in the areas of Capacity Building, Well-Being, Conservation & Restoration, Craft & Design, Culinary, Visual and Performing Art. It acts as a catalyst for Artistic enhancement through Displays, Presentations, Fellowships, Laboratories, Residences, Conservation, Research and Discourses.

 The programs at KCC are designed on the principles of Cultural Diversity, Gender Equality, Conservation of the Environment and Inclusion of people with different abilities.

The Centre offers free entry to the public and is open between 11 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.    For more information about exhibitions and the conferences, please visit