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A Book on Covid

-Anindita Sarkhel

This pandemic was really the worst situation one has been through in the past 100years. A really good initiative has been taken by the Apollo hospitals to write a book on this ongoing pandemic. Today, in a virtual press conference,  the chairman of the Apollo Hospitals Group, Dr Prathap C Reddy confirmed that book is already available and one can purchase it from Amazon. But as the pandemic is still ongoing, so the book also needs to get updated frequently. So, for now only the softcopy is available that is one can purchase it in the form of PDF. Once the pandemic is over, the hard- copy of the book will soon be launched after that. The book is named as ‘Comprehensive Textbook of Covid 19’. The book will have 56 Chapters. 

The book will have all necessary information about this pandemic. The idea of writing a book on the pandemic was initiated by Dr M S Kanwar, senior consultant, Department of Pulmonary, Critical care and Sleep Medicine of Apollo Hospitals. He was the one to bring 79 authors together and write a book on this pandemic. The book will be dealing with all the aspects of covid from treatment to how the warriors fought this pandemic, how the nurses have taken care of the patients and also sacrificed their lives, pregnancy in covid, segre- gating covid and non-covid patients etc. There will be no such  complicated medical terms used in the book that commonly people will not be able to understand.

The 3rd wave is estimated to arrive in the period of 6 months but it can arrive early as well depending on the transmission rate and the variety of mutant. It was advised that to take the vaccine to avoid severity.